Parental Guidance: A whole new meaning

Ever had that really awkward moment when you’re watching tv with your parents and something inappropriate comes on. inappropriate to them I mean. You know what I mean…a “bedroom” scene or a sudden outburst of extreme swearing. Anything that makes you want to switch the channel or have a sudden coughing fit to divert the attention. I’ve tried the “mum I really need to talk to you” intense heart to heart method of distraction where you suddenly realise you don’t really have anything important to say at all and you end up saying something stupid.

When you’re young it’s your parents job to protect you from stuff that you shouldn’t see on tv. It’s their jobs to shelter you from harmful things and protect your innocence. They must protect you from a future of uncontrollable swearing and life as a sex pest!

At some point, you grow up and become more streetwise, though they are likely to fail to notice as you will always be their baby. You are no longer embarrassed by these scenes for your own sake, but embarrassed for your parents. Suddenly as you hit your 20s you find a role reversal taking place. It’s now your job to protect your parents eyes and innocence.

As the words “let’s have a DVD tonight” creep out of my parents mouths I have to carefully select one from my stash  that is least likely to have any inappropriate scenes or anything that may be awkward or offensive to them. Not that my DVD collection is inappropriate, it’s just your average collection, but films are getting more explicit.

I call this my stamp of parental suitability. Never mind parental guidance anymore…it’s them that needs the guidance!


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  1. Nandini

     /  November 27, 2011

    So true. I experience that too. It is such an awkward moment that it’s difficult even to avoid it, because then that will make it more awkward. Sometimes, I just let it be, because there is no way out.

    Nice writing. :)

  2. Oh my… at 41 I am at a squeeze old enough to be your Mother (I can’t believe I just admitted that!) and the thought of a 20 something screening something that I might watch for my own good has had me in fits of laughter! But then I’m one of those scarily open minded people who will talk about anything and see life from any prospective, I don’t usually think of life along the respectable guidelines that others do…

    Are you embarrassed that they might watch the love scene and be shocked at the thought of sex? Seems strange, you got here somehow ;-) or is it still one of those taboo subjects you feel you can’t acknowledge to them you know exists?

    I still feel odd making witty slightly suggestive jokes in front of my mother and wouldn’t dream of doing so with my Father although I know they are open minded people, it just feels wrong.

    Life has a funny habit of making us look back and laugh at ourselves, in 10 years you may wonder why you felt like this.

    • Haha I’m glad I made you laugh! I’m not sure what it is. I guess it’s mostly the taboo subject but it doesn’t really make any sense why. Clearly they know I know. And I know they know. And I’ve just graduated with a biology degree after all! Perhaps there are just some things that can’t be shared with your parents!

      I already laugh at myself now, so hopefully in another 10 years I’ll be finding it all hilarious!

      Thanks for your comments! :)

  3. I never thought of it that way. Perhaps because I live in a strict community where TV channels tend to cut most of the inappropriate stuff. And anyway, whether alone or with my family, if something inappropriate shows up, the one who has the remote control spontaneously and immediately switches the channel or close the laptop lid till the “bad stuff” end.. LOL, we even do that before such scenes show up [you can easily predict when you have to switch ;) ].
    You know what, I thank God for being such a huge fan of animation movies.. ;) :)

    • I’ve just discovered a new found love for animation films! i loved Disney movies and stuff when I was younger, but I sort of felt like I’d grown out of them a bit as I got older. Now I love them all over again. Some of them are so clever in making them on different levels so that adults will find them just as funny as children…just in different ways! And they’re always a suitable “parent friendly” option!! :)

  4. vincent

     /  July 15, 2012

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